Mantra Bucle Ø 15 cm


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127.70 com IVA

1500lm – 1000/240V

Cromado,  Difusor Acrílico,  Cabo Transparente



A coleção BUCLE incorpora luz led de alto desempenho que permite uma iluminação leve e agradável. O conceito é baseado na continuidade da luz, criando uma sensação de luz contínua ao longo do horizonte.

The minimal expression materialized in an object of decoration, this would be the more concise de nition that would define the collection BUCLE. The concept is based on the continuity of light, creating a sense of continuous light along a linear, clean and pure volume, an object apparently simple but at the same time complex. The collection incorporates high performance LED light that allows a magical and friendly light division. BUCLE is composed by di erent applications that allow to decorate the stay with the same style, a multipurpose collection of decorative character, the e ect of light as protagonist without superfluous elements, a continuous line of light that will illuminate the stay with the least expression.



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