Mantra Rombos 50cm

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  • Branco Metal Mate
  • Difusor acrílico
  • Regulador de Intensidade

LED 60W 3000K – 6500K – 220/240


ROMBOS; embrace an elements of lighting to be settled on ceiling. With a design of triangle rally on the di usor, settled harmoniously, and gives us an attractive combination visually. Ceiling in 2 shapes for both indoor and outdoor (IP44) spaces, ROMBOS illuminates su iciently with its LED light of which dimmer intensity and temperatures of colour (from 3000K to 6500K) with a remote control coming together. It also contributes a special e ect of brightness (thanks to multiply micro perforations). Di usor is made of white satin plastic injection with metallic structure coated by white epoxy. Designed by Jose Ignacio Ballester, ROMBOS out t and illuminate your special place in di erent way.



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